How to Get Prizes

By solving puzzles on this website you find keys that give access to dogecoins on prize addresses. When you solve a puzzle, immediately transfer the coins to your personal address before someone else does! Current prize amounts are shown for each puzzle. When you claim a prize, you need to pay the transaction fee, so the actual amount of coins that you receive will be a little bit less than shown.

If all puzzles show 0 coins, you can still try solving them for fun! The gained knowledge and experience may help you solving future puzzles. To check that you solved the puzzle correctly, derive Dogecoin address from the key that you have found. You can use “Verify” tool at dogecoinmultisig website. If the resulting address matches the puzzle’s prize address, then you have found the correct key!

To solve some of the puzzles, you need to know certain things about how Dogecoin and wallets work. If this is the first time you solve puzzles like this, start with solving easy ones. The most basic ones are “WIF” and “QR”. You need to understand them before attempting to solve other puzzles.

If someone sends coins to old prize addresses, you can win them by solving these old puzzles. You may watch the puzzle list for new puzzles and new prizes for old puzzles. New puzzles will also be announced in Dogecoin chats, forums or social networks. There will also be other contests and giveaways, so join Dogecoin online communities!

Good luck!